Jick Little of Paris

Salutations. I am Rene. I enjoy tea cups, buttons, long tongues, and kazoos.

I think I just broke a school clarinet.



Wikipedia says in Beijing they speak Chinese.

What the crap Wikipedia. What, the crap.

. Why does my brother hate me? What did I do?

First day of school. Get ready for an organized, attractive, friend filled, boy crazed, great average getting year.

Holy crap, those expectations make me sound like I’m being sarcastic.

Back from my exciting trip to Israel and Russia.

Great. Now I have 2 days to get ready for school

Travelling stresses

Is it a sin that I absolutely hate writing postcards? I mean seriously, I give myself this obligation to write 14 people postcards on my vacation. What the crap. 14 postcards in Russia, and 14 all over Israel. It’s constantly on my mind. It’s so stressful. Why can’t I just send 3 to the people I like most, and then one or two to some others?

But no… I ask for 14 addresses, so they have to get postcards.

Luckily, souvenirs this year are easy. Jerusalem rocks, sea shells, coral, and Russian birch tree branches. C’est tout, no made in china magnets.

But actually, I have souvenirs from last year that were too awks to hand out. I’m so smart.

I love travelling, but I hate the obligation that gets put on you to support retail stores and china even when your travelling to the other side of the world. All I want to do is relax and have fun, not focus what souvenir I need to get from where.

GAH I need to read this book


Decides for self that I'm going to read a long prolific french book.



Convinces myself that it's interesting while in reality I'd just like to read some Harry Potter.


Tries to stay on task but is constantly distracted. Realizes that I don't have a bookmark.


Finds all sorts of cool book crafts on stumbleupon and spends the day crafting instead.


Pussy Riot, распяты продажной церковью!


Pussy Riot, распяты продажной церковью!

Okay, it was really awkward, I was in a book shop and I found this cool book that I wanted to look closer at. So I go to the little coffee table and chairs to sit and look and you have to pull out the chair, and push it in, and sit, and turn. So I’m like there, and this boy comes there and he looks like he’s going to sit. Fight or flight mode, so I’m like, crap, do I sit, so I move away. And in order to not look like I was going to sit in the first place, I start looking at this magazine or the table, and turn in, and then run away. It was, like, weird.

Good god Rory would you just love Jess. Please.